When To Stop Breast Feeding


When To Stop Breast Feeding - When your baby is ready. Many parents ask this question all the time. Breastfeeding is usually recommended for the first year of life, but that is not always true. Some children may begin to nurse before they are born, or they may have just started. The age when to stop breastfeeding does not need to be one of the most important considerations, but it can be a good idea to consider when you might want to change your mind.

Q. Why is it unlikely that a baby of only 16 months would want to walk around? Wouldn't the breast pump make that much easier?

A. There is no "magic age" to stop breastfeeding. No one "knows" exactly when a baby will want to stop breastfeeding until they have started to walk. If you have decided to breastfeed and your little one is starting to walk, you are still within your rights to continue to nurse. Babies even start to nurse occasionally before they are able to sit up on their own. That does not mean that they have decided to make a decision to eliminate breast milk altogether!

Q. How old should I be when to stop breastfeeding? This is an excellent question and one of the most frequently asked questions by new mothers. Generally speaking, the answer is as long as your baby is able to nurse on their own. If your baby is less than six months, there is no real reason to stop. At least three to four months is generally the best age to stop.

B. Another frequently asked question is about the timing of when to stop breastfeeding. Obviously, you want to ensure that you provide your baby with the adequate nutrition that they need, but you also want your baby to gain a lot of weight in the first few months before you decide to stop.

C. Does safety indicate that I should stop when my baby starts to sit? This is a very good question and the safest answer is to wait. Not only is it good for your baby, but it is also good for you. Many of the dangers of consuming too much formula or breast milk come from the mother consuming more than she should. If you are feeding regularly and you have never experienced any problems, then chances are good that you are probably safe.


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