When Pollution Threatens the Health of the Baby on the Way

The news is full of reports about how bad global warming is, and how nobody is safe from the damage that global warming can cause. But the other news that is often not discussed as much is how pollution threatens the health of the baby in the womb. In fact, the effects of pollution on a developing child are more worrying than on a developed adult. This is because the baby cannot communicate what he or she experiences in the womb to the parents.

When pollution reaches the womb it penetrates the entire body of the mother and into the amniotic fluid. It is then passed into the breast milk, which is then absorbed by the infant through the mother's milk. The same process occurs throughout the reproductive life of the child. Once the pollutants have reached the brain the effect is more long-lasting than on an adult. Studies have shown that even when the infant is born with symptoms of poisoning or an illness caused by pollution, there is still a percentage of the population who will suffer some ill effects from the pollutants.

One of the many concerns that have been expressed recently is about birth defects. Research is showing that the number of children suffering from birth defects is on the increase. This is especially so in China, where the air is getting much worse. When pollution enters the womb of the chemical compositions of both mother and child are altered and this affects the development of the baby. The chemical compositions can affect the liver and the brain and affect the health of your baby.

When pollution Threatens the Health of Your Baby There are many ways that pollution enters the womb and your baby when exposed to it. When a factory in China produces products for export, toxic chemicals are used which are harmful to the environment and human life. Air pollution is another major pollution threat and this gets into our homes through our heating and cooling systems. In the USA, indoor pollution can be tracked through many types of allergies as well as respiratory illnesses. When you add household cleaners and cleaning fluids to the mix, you have a disaster in the making if you do not take action to protect your family from this danger.

When Pollution Threatens the Health of Your Body When pollution enters the body it damages cells and this causes damage to organs and tissues. This is one of the most common ways that pollution harms the health of your body and often involves exposure to different toxic chemicals which can cause a variety of illnesses. When you are exposed to toxins regularly, the body becomes weakened and its defenses are lowered, which means that it accepts foreign chemicals more easily and these then become part of the cellular makeup. When you have a low immunity system of the body cannot fight off these illnesses and you could end up being very sick very quickly.

The worst pollution threat to our world and one of the reasons why we need to act on this is because of the number of cancer cases that are occurring across the world. We have to face the reality that every year, more people are becoming terminally ill due to the harmful pollutants that are entering our world. If only we would care enough to notice the pollution threat and start to stop it right away, there would be fewer people dying of cancer and other illnesses. When you see the alarming reports about the pollution in our water, you will understand just how important it is to clean up pollution wherever, whenever possible.


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