(SAD) Social Anxiety Disorder When It Happens & What It Feels Like


Social Anxiety Disorder is an intense fear of social situations. Those who suffer from it often feel that they must stay away from other people. They worry that they are being judged and are becoming isolated. When it actually takes place in everyday life, the disorder can be debilitating. A person with Social Anxiety Disorder may avoid parties, movies, or other places where they would be likely to meet other people.

Social Anxiety Disorder is not something that should be ignored. If it is left untreated, it can cause problems at work, at home, and in your social and romantic life. There are many ways to treat your Social Anxiety Disorder. Many treatment programs use a combination of medication and psychological therapy. Sometimes a doctor will recommend a specific drug, such as Xanax, to help control your Social Anxiety Disorder. Other times, drugs are not necessary.

Medications are usually used as a means of controlling your symptoms. The reason that this is so often the case is that the symptoms are often so severe that there simply is no hope of controlling them. The side effects of these drugs can often be worse than the problem they are supposed to cure! Also, there is always a risk of addiction, especially when you get out of the doctor's office. You have to take these drugs in a specific order and for a specific length of time in order to receive any benefits from them.

Treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder often use techniques that teach sufferers to relax their body and mind. By learning how to relax your body, you will learn to control your breathing. This will allow you to avoid having panic attacks, which can be very frightening. You will also learn how to relax your mind, which will allow you to live your social life without anxiety. However, in addition to medications, many people find success with psychotherapy.

In psychotherapy, you will be able to discover the root cause of your disorder. Usually, it will be due to something that happened to you early in your childhood. It could be sexual abuse or another traumatic event. You may find that a loved one died in your family or other such events. This can often be a trigger for your social anxiety, but you need to find the reason that made you fear these situations in the first place.

Most treatment options take about three months to a year to work. During that period, you will spend a lot of time in therapy. Your therapist will teach you new, better ways to interact with other people. You will learn to confidently talk to people and be more confident when talking to them. These treatments are very effective in treating social anxiety, but they do not cure it for good. Only by living a healthier life can you truly cure your disorder.


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