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The most fertile period of a woman's life is her first period. A lot of couples have celebrated their twenty-first birthday and the beginning of their family with a fertility treatment breakthrough. It wasn't too long ago when the dream of a family was just a distant dream for couples all around the world. Couples all over the world have put a great deal of time, energy, and money into trying to have a child but they were no closer to actually conceiving a baby than when they began trying. They didn't know it could be possible to increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby by an order of magnitude, but they were definitely excited when a miracle happened in their lives on that very day.

A fertility treatment breakthrough happens when a couple has what is referred to as an 'ovulation interval'. Having the ability to control the release of an egg from the ovary is the earliest stage of fertility. This is the ideal situation because there are no changes that need to be made to the body of the female. The male partner simply needs to have sexual intercourse with her at the exact same time as she ovulates and the egg will be released into the fallopian tube where it will be waiting for the fertilization of the female's egg. For many years, there was nothing that could be done to increase the likelihood of this occurring and the couple was left at the mercy of the unpredictable nature of this cycle.

On the day that the couple first noticed the increase in their menstrual flow and the positive developments in their body, they contacted a fertility specialist. During the visit, the fertility specialist was introduced to the couple by their friends. During the course of the conversation, the doctor learned about the difficulty that the couple had been experiencing in getting pregnant and specifically, learning that they were having some challenges with conceiving. Due to the incredible information that was provided to the couple at this point, the doctor was able to introduce the couple to a sperm donor procedure that could help them increase their chances of success.

The following day, April got in the car and drove to the fertility clinic. The staff was very welcoming and helpful, and within twenty minutes, April was sitting on the examining table with her husband, drinking a cup of coffee, and trying to work out what to do from there. After a short wait, they were informed that they had a "lead" on the donor procedure that would potentially increase their chances of conception. April and her husband were very excited about this development and read article after article about all of the different procedures that were available that year.

Two weeks later, April got in the car once again and drove to the fertility clinic. During the drive, the same thing happened again as the same results occurred. They were told that there was "no guarantee" on getting pregnant in the summer or the winter. However, there was "a good chance" in January and July. When they were informed about the next step, they both felt a sense of relief and joy that they could begin working toward having a child in the next few months.

Fertility treatments have come a long way since the early twenty-first century. Many things have happened since then including the invention of the female birth control pill. However, this is by no means the end of options. This year, April will be celebrating her 10th year of trying to get pregnant and will hopefully be once again the happy bride to be.


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